Wing It: the Game of Extreme Storytelling

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Wing It is a hilarious storytelling-themed party game. You and your friends pit your imaginations against each other as you dream up ways to overcome unlikely challenges (e.g. you are being chased by a pack of rare carnivorous rabbits...) with an even unlikelier funny set of resources (...and all you have is an ice axe, ten coconuts, a set of snow tires, one pound of leg hair, and a complete collection of Hitchcock films).

Each round, a judge reads aloud a challenging situation. Each player then comes up with a story about how they'll solve the situation using exactly three of the five resources in their hand, and then everyone takes a turn pitching their story to the  judge. A winning story is selected, a new player becomes the judge, and the next round begins. 

The first player to 3 situation cards wins, but the real fun is in the stories!


  • 329 Resource cards
  • 8 additional blank Resource cards (to make your own!)
  • 89 Situation cards

Feel like your stories need even more extreme twists and turns? Check out the standalone expansion Wing It: Beyond!

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