About Us

Our Journey

Black Powder Trade and Game is just a couple of guys trying to succeed in something we know and love. If you're reading this, you're probably just like us. We have a love for the hobby gaming industry and we want to be the ones that bring that to your table.

I'm Jake, one of the founders here at Black Powder T&G, and I got into gaming when I was a kid. I remember playing the Star Wars Role Playing Game by West End Games and the Star Wars CCG from Decipher with friends, and playing board games with friends and family around the dinner table. The relationships and stories that came from these nights developed my love for gaming and game stores, and as an adult I strive to become even more involved in this industry that I love.

Travis, our other co-founder, is much the same. He has been playing games his entire life and always looks forward to finding a new and exiting game! Having already been an avid gamer at the time, Travis started playing Pokémon at release and for several years there after. In college he picked up Magic the Gathering and more recently has started playing Flesh and Blood. He also loves board games, his favorite being Catan. One of the greatest aspects of Catan is it's ability to simultaneously serve as a casual family game as well as a enjoyable competitive experience.

Black Powder Trade and Game started at the 2019 Magic the Gathering Grand Prix in Las Vegas. Travis and Jake were competing in the main event, but after interacting with vendors, players, and event coordinators, we decided we wanted to be a part of this industry. We started very small, both of us still working our day jobs while building the foundation of our business. Every year we get a little bigger, and we intend to keep doing that until we take over the (gaming) world!

Whether it's CCGs, TCGs, tabletop games, miniatures, or something that defies category (the genres keep changing and bending and merging—I love it), this is the world we want to help you discover. The impact of games is essential in a world where social interaction happens increasingly through technology and screens. Hobby gaming gives us a way to connect both online and off, giving us those important moments to build life-long friendships.

We will continue to expand as we begin to move on from the challenges of the past year and get back to in person gaming. We have a lot of ideas we think can change the industry and are working to implement those as we grow every year. Those ideas and plans keep getting bigger too!

Thank you for being with us, and please check in every once in awhile. We love to see you here.