Dragon Shield: Japanese Size 60ct Brushed Art Sleeves - Halloween (2022)

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Every scale on Mergo's body is made from a living soul. Every pumpkin in their patch, someone's head."Keep it up my little bumpkin, Mergo will turn your head to pumpkin."Japanese size Brushed Art sleeves with an elegant gradient frame featuring sinister 'Mergo, Born from Souls' artwork by Godfrey Escota.Art sleeves for TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh and Cardfight Vanguard.Dragon Shield Art Sleeves are printed directly on the sleeve and do not peel or split. Brushed sleeves have a lightly textured back giving them a buttery smooth shuffle feel which lets cards glide effortlessly.The sturdy cardboard box fits 40+ single sleeved cards or 35+ double sleeved cards.Every box has a label at the top of the box for personalization and organization.

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