Welcome Travelers!

Have a seat by the fire while I tell you the tale of two adventurers who wanted to start a hobby gaming business.

Our story began in sleepless Las Vegas, a place of mystery and enchantment. Our would-be heroes were attending a tournament called Magic Fest with hope in their hearts. It took two days to crush all thought of glory. They were eliminated from the ranks of true Magic the Gathering warriors, those destined for fame.

But fear not, for sadness did not consume them for long. Their unfortunate loss became time to explore! They perused the riches of various merchants and found their own loot was still valuable.  Perhaps some good could come from the experience. They set themselves to bargaining, trading, and learning.

After the tournament, our heroes started to formulate ideas. A previous passion for board games and role-playing joined the fray, and soon the focus of a trade in Magic cards became a dream of much more. Black Powder Trade and Game was formed from the dreams of wishful Magic squires and transformed into merchant magnificence!

  • Tales of Evik, the Traveling Bard

We hope we can provide you with all the tools you need to start your own adventures! Feel free to reach out to us and give us whatever feedback you would like. We’re here for you, and we value your input. Thanks for listening, and happy travels!